Monday, February 20, 2012

Visit Enterlab - Enterprise IT Innovation Laboratory!

You can also visit the danish version of Enterlab:

Enterlab is all about innovative usage of IT for the big enterprises. First of all Enterlab is enhancing the usability and end user experience of SAP NetWeaver applications. First of all web and mobile front ends.

Secondly Enterlab enhances existing SAP NetWeaver applications such as the SAP NetWeaver Portal, SAP FSCM-BD (Biller Direct) and SAP Internet Sales/SAP E-Commerce (isa/xeco).

Thirdly Enterlab helps enterprises moving current SAP NetWeaver applications to the Cloud, to minimize cost of application management and hosting.

Visit them! :-)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Went to!!

After trying to finding a "better way" to do my blogging using TextMate Blogging plugin - which doesn't support - I went to wordpress because of their MetaBlogger support (which is used by the TextMate plugin).

But it didn't work as I hoped for, because I tend to use Textile/Markdown for marking up my entries.

So now I went to instead. I hope you'll update your link (again)! This time the link is: And it will stay there (if I change the underlying system again one day, the link will stay the same :-))!!

I hope to see you there.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Great work, myself.. My new blog was private!! I just changed this setting, so now it's public again.

Please try again - my new wordpress-blog is here (and public):

Saturday, March 27, 2010

New blog!

From now on I'll update my blog at Wordpress instead of this one.

"Why" you ask - because I want to use TextMate for blogging, and doesn't support the MetaBlog API (XML-RPC based) as the TextMate blogging bundle supports.

Please update your link, and visit:


Monday, February 8, 2010

Apple bans "the A-word" (Android) from App Store


Apple bans "the A-word" from apps submitted to their appstore!:

Crazy, crazy I say! When will they censor out a book from iBooks, an article from New York Times or a website from being accessed by the iPad?

Read here for more of the same complaining:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Which electric car will win?

I wonder which electric car will end up winning the title of my family's first electric car..

Will it be Tesla S - the coolest, biggest electric family car out there (but not available for the next couple of years):

Will it be the Renault Fluence Z.E., probably cheaper than the Tesla S but presumably not on market any earlier:

Or perhaps just the Mitsubish iMiEV as our second car - cheaper (though not exactly cheap), coming to Denmark next summer (2011) but much smaller:

Or a fourth I haven't considered yet?

Apple iPad - hmm... Not with total DRM control!

It took me a while. The first couple of days after the introduction of the iPad I felt a combination of disappointment and "yeah, but it'll be a nice tool for x, y and z".

The following link is a must read for nerds/geeks/techies:

Note: The text is (in my opinion) not just Apple-specific, but specific to all vendors of closed app stores!

I'm actually not sure anymore that I wan't the iPad.

I think it's ok that Apple makes the hard- AND software inside of my laptop. Because I've never had a PC that worked as good as the one I have now (an almost 2 years old MacBook Pro).

But if I use the iPad Apple will not only control the hard- and software, but also the content on it - through their iBooks bookstore and which newspapers they make deals with.

I'm not being paranoid here, but I just don't like it. It's alright as long as my OSX is a FreeBSD unix I can tweak and hack as I want. My iPhone can be jailbreaked, but I don't want to. It's "just" a phone. But a tablet PC shouldn't be DRM controlled..

I still think the iPad looks great, and it seems to be possible to view non-Apple approved .epub and .pdf ebooks on it. But it's just easier and "more sexy" to buy content through iTunes/iBooks. And if Apple don't wan't a certain book (or movie for that matter - ever tried to search for "deep throat" in the iTunes Movie store?), then it's just not possible to buy it.

In the future - who knows if New York Times is allowed to write critical articles "against" Apple? Will Apple filter the article away? Will they kick out NYT in the end?

An iPad would be a wonderful email/surfing/movie/eBook-reading tool. But it should be open, not DRM-closed and controlled by a single entity.

Developers - please read the link in the beginning of this post, it's mandatory! :-)

But you shouldn't read the first one, without also reading this one (until the end):

Have a nice one.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Voice mail doesn't work after upgrading unlocked iPhone

Yesterday I upgraded my unlocked iPhone from version 2.2 to 2.2.1.
After the upgrade, the Voice Mail my Voice Mail configuration was reset - i.e. it didn't work anymore.

So just for reference - here is the guide on how to set the Voice Mail number on the iPhone (at least this work on a Danish iPhone, originally bought from Telia):

If your Voice Mail number is (+1) 123-1234, you should go to the Phone app, open up the dial tab, and type in the following:

Just for clarification, the template is:

And then press the Dial button. That's it! You'll probably have to do this after each upgrade.

Please comment if the template looks different for your country/original service provider!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

VirtualBox 2.1.2 on OSX

Wow, I almost missed this one! VirtualBox 2.1.2 has been out for a week now, and I don't see it until now.

But this is the time for rejoice. An issue that's been bugging me for 4 months now (since 2.0.2) has been fixed! It was actually a pretty critical bug, in my opinion. The issue was that on OSX hosts (which uses a journalising file system) a sudden loss of power might render the windows guest OS unbootable! It took me some time to persuade everyone that this was actually a big issue. I saw it a day that I'd closed the lid on my Mac Book Pro, making it go into suspended mode. It was a friday afternoon and the battery had only about 5 percent left. During the weekend - in which I didn't use the Mac - the battery died, and my windows guest died. Reinstall "fest".

Looking in the changelog for 2.1.2 this is now fixed:

Mac OS X hosts: save the state of running or paused VMs when the host machine’s battery reaches critical level

This sounds as the exact issue I posted:

This is SOOO great, thanks for recognizing the issue Sun! :-)

Outlook and networking

Another note on the changes in 2.1.0 (yes, not the newest one): When using outlook I've seen that in earlier versions outlook took a long time connecting to our Exchange server via http. Since VirtualBox 2.1.0 this is no longer an issue. This makes my day.

iLife '09 first impressions

Today I got my copy of iLife '09 from the local Mac store on the way home from work.
I was especially keen on getting my hands dirty using the new face detection and recognition feature of iPhoto 8 (='09). Secondarily I looked forward into trying the new stabilizing feature of iMovie.

After installing the bundle I booted up iPhoto. It immediately began to search for faces in my about 5000 local photos. It took about 40-45 minutes (dual cpu intel mac book pro).

Then it was my turn. I found the first photo containing faces, and labeled the first one. Then it immediately suggested a lot of other photos that might be of the same face. At first it was a bit imprecise. But after just labeling 2-4 different photos of a face, it actually got very precise! After no time (read about 20 minutes) I'd labeled about 20 faces in almost 1000 pictures. Amazing.

It happens like this: iPhoto suggest a lot of photos when you decide to confirm faces (by clicking a button). Then the suggested photos are shown, where you can either confirm or reject the faces as being of that person. It all goes pretty darn fast.

I actually believe this is the photo management application I've been looking for in years! I used to use Adobe Photo Album 2.0, then Picasa (both on PC) but when I shifted to Mac about 10 months ago I started using iPhoto. I wasn't totally amazed by it, it lacked the speed of Picasa (and Picasas way of easy sharing to picasaweb and geotagging). But now iPhoto supports it all, and more. It exports to mobileme (of course), flickr and facebook. And rocks.

When you've tagged a lot of photos for the same face, it seems to be a bit more reluctant at suggesting new untagged photos, which in my oppinion is a bit of a shame. It gets a bit too precise at this point, ignoring pictures that match the face and those just close. I'd prefer this face search algorithm to be a bit too optimistic, in contrast of being too pesimistic.

Perhaps Apple will fix this in the next fix? Well, it's not a bug at all, just a little nuisance.

Then onwards to the new features of iMovie. I just used it for 5 minutes. But in these 5 minutes I took a small video clip from a family birthday (just under 1 minutes long) which was quite jerky on the stability side. In the 5 minutes before I started writing this blog, I succeeded in applying a theme for it (nice themes they've added!). A theme is a title, transitions and an end effect. Furthermore I added stability to the clip, virtually removing all jerkiness from the clip!

The way iMovie removes jerkiness is of course by zooming in at certain points. But you have full control over the maximum allowed zooming level so you won't loose important details.

I'm impressed. iLife ´09 is a bargain!

I can't help digging deeper into the new features (including green-screen filming and composition of iMovie, learning to play my synth in GarageBand and getting all my older photos imported into iPhoto. iPhoto is definitely my primary (and only) photo management app from now on!

Go fetch.